Medical Fitness

Getting Started

Medical Fitness is a program for individuals who have one or more of the following:

Research has now shown that significant long-term benefits can be gained by enrolling in an outpatient exercise program. Everyone can benefit from Medical Fitness and no one is too old or too young to enroll. It is safe and can help you:


The Medical Fitness Team





Campus Physical Therapy Center

Program Design

The duration of the Medical Fitness program is one to three months, depending on your progress. You will be given a complete evaluation and assessment prior to enrolling in the program. Your program is an individualized, carefully supervised combination of exercise and education, with regular progress notes sent to your doctor(s).

Exercise Therapy

Education Session

Group classes cover topics of concern to you and your family members, such as stress management, healthy eating, and guidelines for safe exercise. Instruction is also given to help you lost weight, manage diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and stop smoking.


A variety of class times are available. Please call 650-994-7800 for a current schedule. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance will not cover the cost of Medical Fitness services. For the price of a health club, you can benefit from the experienced staff at Campus Physical Therapy Center.