Documents to bring

Please allow a 15-20 minutes in advance if you are visiting our office for the first time. There is always several papers to be completed required by the health systems. It our preference that you complete your documentation online or by downloading the our intake forms.

Please also bring the following documents: a identification card, your insurance card, the referral script or a medical diagnosis note. Please also bring a form of payment such as credit card, check or cash for your co-payment or deductible amount.

Our office is funded by the services we provide to you. We will ask you to pay something toward your visit. Remember paying a little every visit may save you big bills in the future!

If you have seen your Primary Care Physician/Orthopedics Specialist or your have done an X-ray or MRI recently provide a copy of that visits. You may also contact your treating physician prior to your appointment with us and request them to fax or email a medical diagnosis script or the latest report. Our fax number is 650.240.1834 and our email is