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Thank you for visiting our website. Campus Physical Therapy Center got bigger and better than ever. Come and see our fully renovated and expanded facility in Daly City. Thank to your preference, we are excited with our growth in the recent years. New plans include the opening of our second facility in the City of San Mateo, California. Please visit our San Mateo Physical Therapy Center's website at www.sanmateophysicaltherapy.com

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Pair of Arch Support Insoles - Archmolds from Phyiquality


Archmolds insoles give you relief in all walks of life. They stabilize your entire foot while relieving and preventing many common problems, including foot, knee and back pain.

Arch support insoles — Archmolds from Physiquality

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Take your foot support to new heights and gain relief for all walks of life with arch support insoles.

Archmolds arch support insoles will help to stabilize your entire foot, supporting your inner and outer foot arches, while relieving and preventing many common problems, including foot, knee and back pain.

Each pair of Archmolds inserts features:

Archmolds helps people lead more active lives with less pain. Audrey M., a teacher, has noticed a marked decrease in joint pain since using Archmolds: “I spend my days teaching at an elementary school and trying to keep up with my own 2 children. Until I tried Archmolds, I thought foot pain was normal. I was wrong! Foot fatigue and knee pain are a thing of the past. I would recommend Archmolds to anyone who spends time on their feet.” What would you be able to do if you could reduce your joint pain?

The best part about these arch support insoles is how easy they are to personalize to your foot. Simply preheat your oven to 225°F and bake the insoles one at a time until the white tab turns black. Then put the insole in your shoe and stand in it for one minute.


The insoles have now conformed to your foot’s unique shape and you’re ready to go!

Arch Support Insoles Instructions