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Fitness products — GoFit from Physiquality

Reinvent your home gym.

Train anywhere — at home, at the office, or on the road — with these portable fitness products that will help you tone muscles and increase strength.

GoFit offers a wide range of home fitness products designed for the individual. Each product below comes with a manual or DVD that will lead you through a series of exercises designed to increase balance, strength and functionality.

Rebecca M. loves the convenience of the Pro Gym in a Bag. “Light, compact and suitcase-friendly, the GoFit Pro Gym has become part of my regular travel gear. Three different exercise bands provide resistance combinations for any user, from beginner to seasoned athlete. All the equipment is good quality and provides a thorough workout for all muscle groups.” And Ruben K. loves his GoFit Foam Roller. “The foam roll is really sturdy and lightweight, and the DVD has been extremely helpful in showing me exactly what to do. … I use it for my whole back.”

The following GoFit products are available through selected Physiquality locations:


Reinvent your home gym. This selection of portable fitness products will help you tone muscles and increase strength while training anywhere — at home, at the office, or on the road.

ProGym in a Bag

Pro Gym in a Bag The key to the Pro Gym is the ability to add or subtract resistance. Since the GoFit package includes 3 different tubes with unique levels of resistance, you can create 7 levels of resistance by using different combinations of tube strengths. The Pro Gym in a Bag also includes 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, a door anchor, a training DVD and exercise booklet, and a nylon storage bag.

Pro Ball stability ball
Each Pro Ball features super-thick walls constructed to perform with maximum durability. They’re designed for commercial fitness use but are also perfect for your home fitness program. Each GoFit ball comes with both a training DVD and exercise booklet, as well as an air pump. Standard size is 65 cm, but 55 cm and 75 cm balls are also available.

Foam Roller
Lightweight, portable and easy-to-clean, the GoFit Foam Roller is made of dense, textured foam. The included training DVD features exercises that will promote lean muscle development, improve balance, and reduce pain and fatigue, giving you more energy for an active lifestyle.

Stretch Rope
At 10 feet long and a beefy 5/8″ thick, the Stretch Rope is perfect for regenerating muscle and increasing flexibility. Along with the included exercise booklet, the Stretch Rope will become a vital tool in any core performance training program.

Massage Stick
To help you cool down and avoid muscle strain, the GoFit 22″ Massage Stick will roll away stress and sore muscles. Use the included booklet of exercises to relieve stiffness and increase core performance.

Each GoFit Product:

Increases balance, strength and functionality.
Has been evaluated by a team of fitness experts with decades of hands-on fitness and personal training experience.
Comes with a set of exercises designed for that particular product