Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique targets chronic muscle tension. The therapist’s strokes are slower, using more direct pressure and friction. Depending on the texture of the deeper layers of muscle and tissue felt, the therapist periodically adjusts their hand positions, strokes, and intensity to work the tissues to release tension.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release, or soft tissue mobilization, is a therapy used to release tension stored in the fascia. Fascia are sheets of fibrous tissue that encase and support muscles, separating them into groups and layers. Following trauma, the fascia and muscles may shorten restricting blood flow. The techniques used in myofascial release relax muscle tension and break up fascial adhesions.


Nadia Resvani, MP

Trigger Point and Myotherapy

Trigger points are tiny, tight nodules that form in muscles causing referred pain. Sometimes myofascial pain can be linked to one or more trigger points. The treatment goals include alleviating muscle spasms, improving circulation, and releasing trigger points. The therapist applies direct momentary pressure to a trigger point to cause its release. During the massage, the therapist may return several times to a stubborn trigger point to elicit its release.

Insurance Coverage

Campus Physical Therapy Center do not get authorization nor payment from your Health Insurance company for massage services. We will provide you an invoice that you may present to your insurance company for reimbursement. Your pay directly to Ms. Nadia Rezvani, MP at the time of your service.

Massage may be covered by your health insurance under certain circunstances such as:

If you have a prescription from your physician.
Your massage practitioner is within a licensed health care office.
Workman's compensation insurance provides a written authorization.
Your auto insurance provides a written authorization for coverage.
You have a health savings account combined with a health insurance.
Your employer choose massage as part of the benefit package.