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Thank you for visiting our website. Campus Physical Therapy Center got bigger and better than ever. Come and see our fully renovated and expanded facility in Daly City. Thank to your preference, we are excited with our growth in the recent years. New plans include the opening of our second facility in the City of San Mateo, California. Please visit our San Mateo Physical Therapy Center's website at www.sanmateophysicaltherapy.com

Campus Physical Therapy Center


Position yourself for peak fitness with TRAINERbrands fitness products, the only instructional mats and fitness systems that depict every important stretch position and strengthening exercise.

Stretch and strengthen — TRAINERbrands from Physiquality


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Portable and physician–certified, TRAINERbrands products are the only instructional mats and fitness systems that depict every important stretch position and strengthening exercise.

Each TRAINERbrands program is essential for maximizing personal fitness and keeping your body injury–free. TRAINERbrands has researched the most effective programs to increase your fitness level, focusing on the benefits of flexibility and the importance of injury prevention. Each TRAINERbrands mat, ball and roller features individual exercise diagrams recommended by a fitness expert and certified by a top physical therapist, ensuring that you get the best results in physical fitness.

Each TRAINERbrands product:

Gives you a superior anti–skid grip in wet and dry conditions. Features a thick, padded design. Is lightweight and both water-repellent and cold-resistant. Is easy to maintain and clean.


Paula Abdul has been using TRAINERmat and loves its portability: “With my demanding schedule and highly active lifestyle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. The TRAINERmat Yoga Pose Lifestyles mat is a simple and easy yoga routine which provides a calming and relaxing form of exercise that I can take with me and practice wherever and whenever I need it.” Natalie Gulbis, pro golfer, is also a fan. She appreciates that “they hold their products to the highest standards not just in quality, but also in environmental consciousness.”

TRAINERbrands has made a commitment to help keep the planet green, utilizing materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. To work towards that goal, each TRAINERbrands mat, ball and roller: Stretch and strengthen — TRAINERball Is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly Has fewer odors than substitute materials, such as rubber Is non-toxic and chloride–free and does not contain heavy metals or halogenated ingredients (such as PVC) Meets the highest environmental standards, including RoHS & SGS standards