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Gravity Strength and Conditioning Training - Gravity from Physiquality

People of all ages all over the globe are harnessing the pull of GRAVITY® — an innovation in building a better body with strength and conditioning training. And you can too.

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Now you have time for both strength and cardio training without spending any more time working out. GRAVITY gives you the best of both worlds, at the same time. For example, GRAVITY’s exciting 30-minute strength and conditioning training classes heat up all the major muscle groups for a total body workout and can give you the cardio workout you need to keep your heart pumping.


GRAVITY strength and conditioning training programs give you full body conditioning through resistance training or Pilates. In small groups or individually, your training sessions are monitored for maximum results in just 30-45 minutes.

You get quick, efficient and effective workouts using the innovative Total Gym PowerTower® or GTS® equipment. This breakthrough fitness machine lets you use just one piece of equipment to get maximum benefits and all-over results.



These exciting 30-minute strength classes heat up all your major muscle groups for a total body workout. You work at your chosen level of resistance, while enjoying the challenge and camaraderie of a group setting. The class delivers effective and efficient workouts, particularly if you’re an exerciser who traditionally focus on cardio training but wants to make time for a fun, efficient strength workout.


These engaging small group sessions help you make Pilates a part of your workout regimen. GRAVITYPilates helps you overcome strength and flexibility limitations and improve core stability, flexibility and control.


If personal attention is what you need, GRAVITYPersonalTraining is for you. Choose from one-on-one or small group sessions. With the GTS equipment, there’s no waiting for equipment or going from machine to machine.


If you’ve finished your sessions with a physical therapist after surgery or injury, or if you have functional limitations and need to establish a conditioning program, GRAVITY is right for you. You can be confident that your GRAVITYProgram will continue the progress you made in physical therapy in a safe, fun way.