Campus Physical Therapy Center

Campus Physical Therapy Center

Weight training — SmartBells® from Physiquality



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Work out with weights that work with your body and flow with your movement. You’ll have more control for strength, conditioning, increased flexibility and better balance in less time — and with less chance of injury.

SmartBells® are the first ergonomically-designed weights that conform to the shape of your body and provide correct hand-grip orientation for safer functional fitness exercises. Their two-handled design offers better control for the body’s natural flow patterns that can work your whole body or target specific muscle groups.

Used by the military, by professional and Olympic athletes, and by exercisers of all ages and fitness levels, the SmartBells weight training system can be used to:

 Weight training — SmartBells®

Many top-level athletes and functional fitness experts are touting SmartBells as the finest weight training system in the world.

To get the most out of your workout, check out SmartBells’ weight training system exercise DVDs. They’ll teach you a series of SmartBells exercises that improve flexibility, endurance, balance and strength.

With this weight training system, you’ll feel your muscles loosen, lengthen and relax with an aerobic fat-burning program that works all major muscle groups simultaneously. It’s far more fun, efficient and effective than traditional workouts.