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Nordick Walking Pool - Exerstrider from Physiquality

Exerstriding allows you to use your entire body so that you won’t have to abuse any part of it. When you use your arms to push against the poles, abdominal muscles — as well as many muscles in your back, arms, shoulders and chest — contract. By putting all of the body’s major muscles to use at the same time, you’ll be able to accomplish more while feeling like you expend less effort, because the total work is shared by so many muscles.

Exercise all of the body’s major muscles simultaneously with Exerstrider’s synergistic resistance and enhance the aerobic effects of walking.

Bitsy Tatnal had been active into her fifties, until she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and spondylosis, giving her so much pain that she had to hold on to buildings, parking meters or anything she could find when she walked in order to relieve the pain. After a few years of Exerstriding, she considers herself an active person again. Bitsy’s diagnosis has been improved from osteoporosis to osteopenia and she no longer lives with constant pain; she’s even been able to quit all of her osteoporosis prescriptions.



By Exerstriding, rather than walking, you’ll be able to:

Simultaneously strengthen and condition all of the body’s major muscles

Burn up to 77% more calories as you walk

Improve circulation and build a healthier heart and lungs

Reduce pain and stress in hips, knees and feet

Maintain strong bones and healthy joints

Improve posture and balance

Enjoy a fun, convenient total body exercise — in fresh air!