Campus Physical Therapy Center

Our Policies

Thank you for making Campus Physical Therapy Center your choice for physical therapy. We understand that there are many options for Physical Therapy and we appreciate your confidence in us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with us more positive. The following are some of the policies we would like you to know about.

Your Appointments

Your recovery from your injury or illness is best when you attend your appointments. Your physical therapist will be able to evaluate and progress your program. We will discontinue or tranfer your care if you have frequent cancellations or no shows. There is a fee for no shows without 24 hours notice.

Please remember that if you miss your appointment without letting us know, it takes the slot for someone else who might be trying to get to see us!

Don't miss your appointment. We have save time from our schedule to evaluate and treat you. Be ontime. We have maintain a timely accesss to reduce your waiting with us. We don't want to reschedule your appointment for later time for any other consideration.

How to dress

Dress properly. Remember that you are coming to receive treatment and most likely you will need to expose the treatment area. Please use loose clothing such as short pants, sleeveless T-shirts, tank tops. Bring your glasses or earing aids if you need them.


Campus Physical Therapy Center


Your Participation

You are the most important part of our team. Your participation is required in Physical Therapy. You will learn therapeutic exercises appropriate for your condition and perform several personalized activities that are targeted to treat your particular movement impairments. We don't let pain from stopping your progress. It is our expectation and goal that you will be empowered in the process to take an active role in your own recovery and improvement so that you may return to the activities and the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Documents to bring

Please allow a 15-20 minutes in advance if your are visiting our office for the first time. There is always several papers to be completed. It our preference that you complete your documentacion online or by downloading the our intake forms. Please also bring the following documents: a identification card, your insurance card, the referral script or a medical diagnosis note. Please also bring a form of payment such as credit card, check or cash for your co-payment or deductible amount.

Our office is funded by the services we provide to you. We will ask you to pay something toward your visit. Remember paying a little every visit may save you big bills in the future!

You may also contact your treating physician prior to your appointment with us and request them to fax or email your medical diagnosis script. Our fax number is 650.240.1834 and our email is

Medical Diagnosis

California Laws requiere physical therapists to obtain a Medical Diagnosis prior to initiation of Physical Therapy service. Please ask your treating physician to provide you with the lastest diagnosis for the condition that you are seeking physical therapy. Your physician may use their own format or ask them to simply complete the following referral form.[Referral Form] The physical therapist will provide you with an evaluation and treatment plan.


There is several insurance systems that require prior authorization to treat you. Therefore, we require an authorization from the insurance adjuster or case manager for those patients under Workers Compensation,