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The fitbook™

The fitbook™ fitness journal offers a unique system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals. It will help you set your game plan, whether it’s weight loss or training for a marathon, and help you stay focused on achieving that goal.

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Fitness + nutrition journal — fitbook™ from Physiquality

Plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals with the fitbook fitness journal.

Most people understand that writing down goals works. Research shows that people who write down their goals are 75% more likely to achieve them. Living a healthy, fit lifestyle takes discipline and hard work, but setting up yourself for success starts with jotting down your goals and making a realistic plan for achieving them.

Kim Lyons, trainer from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and author of “Your Body, Your Life,” uses the fitbook fitness journal with some of her clients. “An exercise and nutrition journal is an incredibly important tool to help you reach your goals and assess your progress. The fitbook fitness journal has it all in a simple, all inclusive format that is fun and easy to follow. I highly recommend the fitbook!”

The fitbook™ fitness + nutrition journal is personalized, flexible and functional and offers a unique system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals.

Fitness Journal - fitbook™

The fitbook journal helps people achieve what they thought was impossible. Kristine M., in West Covina, CA, says, “I lost 17 pounds and lowered my body fat 4% using the fitbook. I’ve become more aware of what I’m eating and how I feel, and now I’m excited to do my workouts that I’ve planned for the following week… I thought I would never lose weight and now my friends are noticing my progress… I finally fit in my high school jeans again. Thank you!”

At 5.5 square inches, fitbook fitness journals pack a lot of organization into a small package. They even include a space to store your gym card or extra cash, as well as a pint-sized pen and handy elastic strap to mark your place.